Tuesday, 25 October 2016

30 BC Blog post 2016

30BC Blog Post 

I have just finished this book about Geronimo Stilton the curse of the cheese pyramid it is a great book and I would like to encourage you to read this book. 
Please feel free to check out my blog here is my and Geronimo Stilton went back to his office and everybody was really happy he was back at his office to work again it was an enjoyable book. Why I love reading this book is because he is a good writer and a great author.  

Friday, 21 October 2016

Reflection W2 T2 2016

This is my score on Kiwi Kids news    

Reflection W2 T2 Literacy


This week for Literacy I have been working on Bubble letters. I had to create a google drawing and then use bubble writing. I had to get some of the spelling words into the google drawing. I would love to do this again.    

Numeracy W2 T2 2016

Numeracy Reflection
Geometry-food Corianna Caitlyn K

This week for Numeracy I have been working on Geometry food with my buddy Corianna. As you can see me and Corianna have been really busy. We had to plot the food on the chart. I would love to this again even though it is hard. 

Main stars Reflection 2016

The link to my Main stars Survival kit

This is my Main stars Survival Kit and I hope you will like it here is the link up above.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Reflection W1 T2 2016

Little Garden

This week for our Little Garden as you can see we have been extremely busy with our little garden. We have done the steps that were on the Instructions list we have watered them let them in the sun so they will grow. Good news they have not died so I hope you guys are doing the same. Because our school is growing some Little Garden's. I have learn't quite alot from the Little Garden Remember to feel free by looking what we have been upto on Mamaku 2 and 1 more thing........... Please feel free by visiting my blog all have to do is click the link Click here        

Friday, 14 October 2016

Kiwi Kids news Typing test Reflection 2016

Typing Test

I got a better score then last time.
Kiwi Kids News

I got a better score than last time. 

Holly Robinson Reflection T2 W1 2016

Holly Robinson

This week we were lucky to have a Paralympic athlete come to our school called Holly Robinson. She came to our school to explain her life as being a Javelin thrower. Next to her was Rikki-Lee and Vadim who are Holly Robinson's cousins. She is originally from Hokitika. Everyone was really excited. They were yelling and screaming. After all that everyone was crowding up to Holly Robinson and she gave everyone Hi- Fives.          

Reflection T2 W1 2016

This week for Work on Writing I have been writing about the life cycle of a butterfly. As you can see it is a explanation about The life of a butterfly. I enjoyed writing about it because I love writing about butterflies.

If you would like to read more of this please click the link below




This week for Numeracy I have been working on my compass with my buddy Corianna. You can see we have been really busy with our Compass. We had to create a google drawing to make our compass. After that my buddy Corianna asked me some questions about the compass. I found this hard because it was kind of hard to remember.

Word work Reflection T4 W1 2016


This week for Literacy I have been working on my silly sentences. If you were wondering what silly sentences is it means when you write silly sentences like, I saw a funny clown and he made me laugh. That is how you write a silly sentence. I found this easy to do because I had too many sentences I could think of

I would love to do this again.