Thursday, 7 July 2016

Week 10 Reflection 2016

Hello everybody. mamaku has been busy bee's we have a new class now with the beautiful furniture and the new carpet we no longer in the Technology center now we have finally got our own class but their is clean toilet's and room's where we can do our screencastify it is been such a pleasure for the worker's that built our lovely new clean classroom it is great that we have a new classroom.

This week I have been working on my math's add and subtract
by making ten I found it really hard and easy I guese but now I know how to add and subtract by making ten it was fun getting help by Ellie. 



Friday, 1 July 2016

Week 9 Reflection 2016

Hello this week I have been working on my speech planning  we had to  
 Aim for 10 ideas I had to write a catchy opening a catchy opening mean's, that you can add fact's and interesting word's to your speech planning. or other I found it easy to do but now I know how to write 10 ideas and a catchy opening 10 ideas and a catchy opening.

   This week me and my group called the Stretchy bookmark's have    been busy bee's. it has been a very busy week. We had a market     on Thursday we had pretend money called kawa money we got       to spend it on some thing's that other kid's made it was great that     we spended our money because I got a sweet basil plant.

    This week In Numeracy me my group have been doing Top               pooch. our dog's name is Contie we brought him some yummy         food and a playful toy's for him.