Saturday, 24 September 2016

Holiday Reflection T3 Week 9 2016

Hi everyone how is your holiday been. what have you been up to? have you been for a walk down the beach? or have you been swimming,tramping visiting your family. Well I hope you you enjoy the rest of the 2 weeks of holidays!!!!. 

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enjoy your holiday's!!! everybody

here is a couple of photos of me and my brother enjoying the holiday's


So I hope you like the photos we will be up to date later this week.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Reflection T3 Week 9 2016

Topic  WALT: use Topic sentence in our writing create flow between our Paragraphs.


This week I have been working on Egyptian mummies we wrote what we thought about Egyptian mummies and how they were found in Egypt I found this a bit hard but at least I know a bit about mummies.   

Reflection T3 Week 9 2016

Literacy   WALT: Infer and support with evidence.  

This week I have been working on in  notes the four boxes ask some questions about what Inferencing means here is an example: what does Inferencing mean? well it means any clues past experiencing, help me understand what is happening things you have done before. I enjoyed doing this it is a fun way of learning to inference I found this a bit easy and now I know a little about inference.


This week I have been working on area  and perimeter we have been really busy with our work this is a photo of my group showing what we have learnt I enjoyed doing area and perimeter and I would love to do it again.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Friday, 16 September 2016

Reflection T3 Week 8 2016

Big Day Out

On Thursday my class Mamaku had a big day out. What we did is we went to the movies and guess what movie we watched, Pete's dragon. I enjoyed watching the movie. The people that did there main stars got to have a treat at the movies. Second we went to the Recreation center. It was awesome! We got to play some games like soccer, badminton and basketball. We also had our morning tea at the Recreation center. Then after that we went swimming at the Aquatic center. I really enjoyed going to the pool, it was really fun. I was lucky enough to go in my friend's mums car. I really want to Thank all the Teachers in Mamaku Thank you very much for organizing the big day out.                 

Reflection T3 Week 8 2016

Literacy WALT: Identify key points in a Explanation Text: 


This week I have been working on  writing an explanation text. We had to read this article about the moon, is there 365 days in a Year? We had to write the introduction and the main points and the conclusion. I found this very interesting to do about learning about
why are there seven days in a Year.     

Friday, 9 September 2016

Reflection T3W7 2016

Age of exploration 

This week I have been working on my age of exploration
we had to highlight all the time periods blue, positives green, any problems in red and reasons why they explored in yellow. I found it hard to do it but I tried my best.     

Reflection T3W7 2016

This week for literacy I have been working on my literacy follow up with my group comprehension Infer and support with evidence
what we had to do is to buddy up with a buddy in our Literacy group. and describe the pictures that you can see for example: the cats meow when they want their food or meow for some reason.        
  click here This week I have been working hard on my washing                machine explanation. I found it hard because it was kind of hard to explain and hard to write about. I tried my very best to write an explanation it was my first time doing a explanation about a washing machine.        

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

News broadcast

News Broadcast 

This term me and Ayesha, and the whole class of Mamaku have been working on their News Broadcast. if you were wondering what it means. it means You write something that has happend in the world. but what we have done is we have wrote a broadcast about the Olympics that that has happend in Rio.     

Visual Mihi

Visual Mihi This week I have been working on my Mihi and so is my class. what Mihi is it's when you introduce yourself in Maori. 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Reflections W6 T3 2016

Literacy  WALT: Infer and support with evidence  

In literacy this week I have been learning to infer and support with evidence. this week I have been working on jungle disaster. it is a shared slide. my group has been working on it what we had to do
is we had to explain what was going in our mind miss Leigh explained a little story it was scary.
WALT: Find fractions of sets and shapes by equal sharing 
This week I have been working on my fractions book. and I have been doing some fractions with Ellie here is an example of my fractions: the 5 is the down number of the numerator.